Software For Research

1. Is your platform a good fit for my project?

Maybe. We only build three kinds of solutions for academic researchers in the behavioral sciences: apps for CBT-style interventions, apps for smart EMA and survey-based studies, and intelligent text-messaging interventions.

All are based on our intelligent rules engine, have a fixed up-front price, include real-time wearable device capture (Fitbit and Bodytrace), and elegant staff dashboards for data analysis and export. We build most apps within 90 days, and even integrate with REDCap (if you need it). Best of all, you get to focus on your science while we build everything for you, exactly as you need it.

2. Can I trust Software for Research?

We specialize in "putting the computer science into your behavioral science." We customize every project with computer intelligence that increase engagement, deliver personalized experiences, and yield better study outcomes. We have implemented studies at Duke, Northwestern, Penn State, University of Illinois, University of Mississippi, Johns Hopkins, the MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the Hackensack Meridian Health System. We're always happy to provide detailed references upon request. Founded and owned by Jeffrey Cohen, Adjunct Associate Professor for Computer Science at the University of Chicago.

3. How much does it cost?

We have fixed, up-front pricing so you'll know exactly how to budget. Text messaging solutions are $23,000. CBT apps are $43,000, and EMA/survey studies are $6,000. These prices included 90 days of custom development and up to 3 years of maintenance and support. Longer development and support terms are also available.

4. What about PHI and security?

Our data meets the industry-standard security levels for PII and PHI, including HIPAA compliance.

5. We screen and enroll participants with REDCap. What happens next?

We can integrate with your institution's REDCap project to synchronize our participant roster with yours, avoiding any manual entry into our system. You still get access to our elegant dashboard so you can watch data flow into your study in real-time.

6. Our IT department feels the need to put outside contractor through a crazy guantlet run of spreadsheets and first-degree questioning under a bright light. Is that a problem?

Nope! We have lots of experience working with IT departments at academic institutions. If we're not already an authorized vendor at your institution, we will work with them to establish our credentials, ensuring a smooth transition for your project.

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