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Every study deserves a great outcome

What sort of research do you have up your sleeve?

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Batteries Included

We provide everything needed for modern, engaging, and secure research studies. Built-in support for micro-randomization and JITAI protocols.

High Engagement

Engaged participants deliver more data and higher-quality outcomes. Our intelligent platform is configured uniquely for every study.

Fitbit Integration

Fitbit data flows into your dashboard in real-time, and can personalize text messages, EMA content, and CBT curriculum.

every study deserves a great outcome

Save Time

We help researchers streamline their projects.
Our intelligent platforms let you focus on your work while we build the software for your research project.

Transparent Pricing

Everyone's on a tight budget.
All of our platforms are offered at fixed rates so you can plan ahead. Maintenance and support for up to 3 years are always included.

HIPAA Compliant

Got PHI? No worries, your data is safe with us. We're fully HIPAA-compliant.
We will even work with your IT department to ensure a smooth integration with your systems if needed. And you can export your study data at any time.

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