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Launch Your Next SMS Study Without Lifting a Finger.

Personalized messages, customized response logic, and real-time device integration enable innovative studies with high engagement.

Our transparent pricing means everyone can afford world-class software, even on tight budgets.

Transparent Pricing So You Can Plan Ahead


$11,000 per study

Daily or weekly schedules

Two-way messaging

REDCap integration

Up to 1000 participants

Includes 90 days of development time

$1200/year (after the 1st year) for support and maintenance

And more...


$24,000 per study

Dynamic personalization and scheduling

JITAI-enabled rules engine

Up to 3 messages per day, per participant

Real-Time Fitbit and Bodytrace Data

Up to 1000 participants

Includes 90 days of development time

$6000/year (after the 1st year) for support and maintenance

And more...


$42,000 per study

Up to 3 stages: Pilot, Beta, and Trial

SMART support

Track clicks on links in messages

Up to 270 days of development time

Up to 10,000 participants

$6000/year (after the 1st year) for support and maintenance

And more...

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Your message library (up to 1000 unique messages)

Send up to 2 messages per participant, per week

Elegant dashboard for real-time participant data

Export all data to CSV or Excel anytime

Ability to broadcast one-time messages

Unlimited number of staff accounts for dashboard access

All study data protected by industrial-strength data security and full encryption

1 free custom domain for your dashboard

REDCap project integration

Send up to 3 messages per participant, per day

Include Emoji in messages

Dynamic message selection based on calendar, participant profile, or wearable data

Messages can also be triggered by real-time Fitbit data that meet specified criteria

Quick yes/no prompts

Multiple-choice prompts

Likert scales

Mood assessments

Message personalization based on any aspect of a participant's profile in any message

Multi-study support for pilot/field testing/trial

Send photos/images in messages

Track clicks on links sent in messages

Weather forecast data can be inserted into personalized messages

Recommendations on nearby attractions, parks, or recreational area

Maps and walking/bicycling directions

Batteries Included

Our plans offer the right fit for your study. Even the Light plan includes everything most studies need: automatic message scheduling, REDCap integration (if you need it), industrial strength data security, real-time dashboards, and instant support via Slack, email, zoom, and phone. The Standard and Everything plans are also available for more in-depth data collection.

Optimized for Engagement

Personalized messages increase engagement. Craft messages that include key elements of a participant's profile. Any message can smoothly incorporate data from a participant's profile such as a recent Fitbit stat or other metric. In addition, participant data can be used to influence daily message selection. We know engagement matters and we work with you to design the best text-message intervention possible.

Fitbit Integration

If your participants are using a Fitbit wearable device, or using the Fitbit App to track behavioral characteristics such as activity, sleep, or nutrition, all of that data is instantly available to our messaging engine. You can use Fitbit to influence both the content and selection of daily messages, or simply track them in your study dashboard for later analysis.

Two-Way Data Collection

You can send text-friendly Likert scales, quick yes/no questions, mood assessments, or even free-form questions. The system handles replies automatically, updating participant profiles on the fly. Responses to your questions become data that's instantly able to influence subsequent message selection.

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