Newsletter Issue: "Baseball"

Hello everyone,

Today's topic is baseball!

Yes, I know you were expecting me to say something about software development, or the intersection of technology and healthcare, or something along those lines.

Bear with me for just a moment.

Here in Chicago, it's cold, snowing, and gray. My only relief from the weather is thinking about how spring training is only 29 days away (!) and soon after... well, eventually, anyway... the weather will get warm again.

Now imagine going to a baseball game. You get to your seats with popcorn in hand. The umpire shouts "Play ball!".

And then imagine something strange: an announcement is made that for today's game, the entire field with enclosed in an opaque tent! No one will be allowed to see the players on the field!

The game will continue, of course. But no one will be able to see the players running around the bases. You won't be able to see the batters swing at the ball, or the fielders catch and throw.

That wouldn't be much fun, would it?

And if you were eager for your team to win, you'd have no idea whether your team was winning or losing. You'd just have to wait until the end to learn of the results.

Sound ridiculous? Of course. Yet this is how many software projects are managed! You (the client) often have no idea what the developers are doing while they work. There's no transparency, no way for you to know if your team is "winning" (building the right software) or losing (wasting your money on software that isn't quite right).

You wouldn't stand for it at a baseball game, so why would you accept it from your dev shop?

Expect transparency. And if you don't get it, take your popcorn somewhere else.

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